Emmeline Joana A.

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I'm Emmeline.19 years old,(6-29-95) Jersey Bound.I'm kind of shy so I'm not so great with introductions.straight.#2 ofs 5 children.Culé.I am originally from Jackson Heights,Queens,New York.Soccer. Artist.I can paint,spraypaint,draw,etc. Going to school for film. I'm Colombian,Spaniard,Italian,with Irish and Geman roots.I speak English,Hablo Español, Parlo Italiano,Estou aprendendo Português Brasileiro. Artwork: www.coolwhippp.wordpress.com

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I still remember the first time we met.It was outside at night in front of my grandma’s house.I was with my older sister and you were with your older brother.They were both talking in Spanish and they both said their Spanish was better than ours,and we both got mad at them.It’s crazy how I remember this so clearly,even though we were only six years old at the time.I remember growing up we didn’t like each other at all,and to be honest I thought you were very annoying.One of the last times I saw you we were both nine and it was at a baby shower/Halloween party.I dressed up as a vampire and you dressed up as Freddy Krueger and you had a chuckie doll.I hated chuckie because it scared me and you kept putting it my face -_- I really did not like you at that point in my life.I remember that night that you explained the whole history of the Halloween movies to me,but I didn’t want to hear it because it scared me.You didn’t care though and you just kept going,one thing we did have in common was when we were interested in something we never shut up about it.Then later that night when we played musical chairs someone pulled a chair on me and took my seat and I fell on my butt.Everyone thought it was you and yelled at you,I didn’t really care at the time I was just embarrassed.Later that night we found out the guilty one was Randal,and it was no surprise he was always up to no good.The next and last time we saw each other we were fifteen and it was in Colombia.It was fate that we were in the same town on vacation at the same time.We didn’t really get a good look at one another and we didn’t even speak.I just remember after that night I never really stopped thinking about you. A year later I decided to look you up on Facebook and we talked a bit.Then after that we just never talked again.I don’t think it really bothered me because I was doing my own thing.Recently,maybe a few months ago though I was looking at my feed and you were on it and I found out you were going to Stony Brook in the fall. I’m going to SVA this fall,and I’m moving back to our home town so there’s a possibility we might see each other. I’m scared and anxious about seeing you because a lot has changed and we’re not little kids anymore.I’m scared because what if you see me and recognize me and don’t approach me.Or what if I see you,what do I say?do you even remember me?I don’t want to look stupid here.Can I even say I miss you?because I really don’t know who you are anymore.The only reason I’m thinking about you now is because I saw you in a dream last night.I guess the best thing for me to do right now is to worry about myself.I have to focus on me first,because I know no one else is going to do that for me.I really do hope that if we do see each other,that I can say it was a positive experience.


According to the FIFA Colombia’s soccer team & it’s player James Rodriguez got the next achievements:

  • The best Goal of the World Cup 2014
  • James Rodriguez got The Gold Shoe for being the player with most goals scored in this World Cup - 6 goals
  • Fair play team. FIFA congratulated Colombia’s Soccer Team for it’s clean way of playing through each match

I am so proud of being Colombian to be honest!


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