Emmeline Joana A.

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I'm Emmeline.18 years old,(6-29-95) Jersey Bound.I'm kind of shy so I'm not so great with introductions.straight.#2 ofs 5 children.Culé.I am originally from Jackson Heights,Queens,New York.Soccer. Artist.I can paint,spraypaint,draw,etc. Going to school for film. I'm Colombian,Spaniard,Italian,with Irish and Geman roots.I speak English,Hablo Español, Parlo Italiano,Estou aprendendo Português Brasileiro. Artwork: www.coolwhippp.wordpress.com

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According to the FIFA Colombia’s soccer team & it’s player James Rodriguez got the next achievements:

  • The best Goal of the World Cup 2014
  • James Rodriguez got The Gold Shoe for being the player with most goals scored in this World Cup - 6 goals
  • Fair play team. FIFA congratulated Colombia’s Soccer Team for it’s clean way of playing through each match

I am so proud of being Colombian to be honest!


(via colombiaislove2)